The StoryAlbum Process


Your family's memories are invaluable. Forgetting any of them would be devastating, so you want to give the ultimate keepsake gift to your loved ones. 

Step One: Welcome Packet

Your StoryAlbum journey is underway! To guide you through the next steps, you will receive a welcome packet with things like the first questionnaire, and a journal to help keep all of your thoughts in one place as you begin to think about the different memories you'd like to include in your StoryAlbum.


Step 2: Interviews & Photographs

Depending on which package you choose, we will begin your interviews based on the breakdowns listed in each package. You have the choice of either meeting in person, or we can also set up a Skype or phone call. 

After each interview, I will need the photographs from the time period discussed. This way I can see more details and work them into the story to make it as realistic as possible. Photos must be sent in a digital format. (If your photos are not in a digital format already, use a scanner to scan them into your computer.)

*Tip: position the physical photo on a flat surface with lots of natural light, make sure there is no shadow or glare, and take a photo of the photo with your phone!
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Step 3: Writing Stage

During this stage, I will review all of my notes from our interviews and craft your memories into a creative retelling of your life story. Unless you would prefer it written in a biography format, StoryAlbums are written in the 3rd person. Although your memories are the foundation of the story, in order for your words to be turned into a novel-like story, I will fill in the surface details. For instance, you might remember the day you broke your arm, but do you remember the exact words everyone said? Probably not. That's where the creative retelling aspect comes in. I never replace any facts or make up my own, but I will add life-like descriptions and dialogue to round out the narrative.

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Step 4: Editing & Revision

Depending on which package you chose, you will have the opportunity to revise your StoryAlbum a number of times. Generally, after I've finished a rough draft or a few of the story chapters, I will send them to you to look over. 

During this stage, you can suggest changes or additions to your StoryAlbum. I might also ask more questions if I feel your story needs more details. Once the rough draft of your story is approved, your StoryAlbum will be thoroughly edited before it is sent off to the printers.

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Step 5: Your StoryAlbum is Complete!

This is the most exciting stage! Your StoryAlbum is complete! Enjoy reminiscing with your family and take comfort in the fact that your precious memories are preserved for generations to come.