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Laurie Goodman (Writer/Photographer)

"My third book, Laurie Goodman Photography’s Life Messages Book of Enterprising Hearts, would not be what it is without Brittney's professionalism, skill and organization. In fact, I probably would not have produced it within my deadlines had it not been for her meticulous and tireless efforts!

Brittney is over 20 years my junior, but rocks a synonym like nobody else I know and won’t settle for mediocre when it comes to any writing piece! Not only did she flow with my timelines, she gave me suggestions, provided the accuracy I required and she kept my head up when I doubted my process and writing ability. 

Each book I have made has felt like an expression of a piece of me and therefore, I felt it was essential to have it reviewed by an extra set of trained eyes! I needed someone with excellent writing skills, computer expertise and an internal drive towards superior work to help me.

I would give a glowing recommendation about Brittney's services to anyone at any stage of their writing process. She will put you at ease and get the job done—and done well!
Thank you Brittney. I could not have asked for anyone better!"

Hire a book editor | Editor | Books Editor | Freelance Editor | Self-publishing editor | Rooted StoryAlbums

Grisela Ceolin (Writer)

"Being a new writer, I didn’t know what to look for, or what to expect from an editor. What I did know was that I needed someone to provide me with constructive feedback, fix all my grammatical errors and assist with my story structure. 

Brittney came highly recommended. The fact that she is a writer herself helped ease all my anxieties and fears. Surely, she’d know how difficult it is to put yourself out there and show others your writing! After our initial conversation, I felt confident that Brittney was the editor I would feel most comfortable working with. And I was right!

Brittney is reliable and knowledgeable. She is meticulous and pays close attention to detail on sentence structure, style, pacing and points out plot inconsistencies. She provides invaluable explanations on all her edits, giving me concrete examples on how to improve my writing skills. I looked forward to all her edits with great anticipation, knowing that she would make my manuscript the best it could be. She truly has helped me grow as a writer and went above and beyond to meet all my expectations.

I strongly recommend Brittney’s expertise to anyone who is looking for a professional editor. She is an amazing person to work with, and did an excellent job in improving my manuscript. I look forward to working with her again!"

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Sam & Maureen

"It was so nice to reminisce in our interviews with Brittney, but also together with our family after the StoryAlbum was complete. There were so many memories that we'd forgotten about, and others we just hadn't shared with our kids. 

It was fun to see their reactions. It was lovely to revisit and read about our well-known family stories from the cottage and holidays over the years. Our grandkids are growing up so quickly (too quickly), so I love having a whole StoryAlbum dedicated to our memories. Although we're not ones to brag, when our neighbours hear about our StoryAlbum, we are more than a little proud to show it off!"   

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Brent & Michelle

"Working with Brittney on the StoryAlbum was a really fun experience. Essentially, both my wife and myself were taken on a trip down memory lane. We ended up recounting stories and experiences that we hadn’t talked about for a long time. 

The StoryAlbums' end product was incredibly meaningful, not only to my parents (it brought tears to their eyes), but for the whole family. I learned things about my parents that I actually never knew, and my children were able to learn about their grandparents' lives and childhoods. They also learned about us, their own parents, as well.

Brittney does an amazing job of putting you in the moment of the story in front of you, which makes for an extremely compelling read! My kids often ask me to read the StoryAlbum as their bedtime story!

I would recommend Rooted StoryAlbums to anyone. It's a really heartwarming way of preserving your family's legacy. Future generations will get to understand and learn about where they came from."

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John & Maria

"Our StoryAlbums are just the best gifts we've ever had! John and I love reading through all our old stories and seeing our family pictures. Whenever I miss my granddaughters, I just look inside and see their smiling faces and read about my favourite memories.

 Our whole experience with Rooted StoryAlbums was so wonderful. Brittney asked us lots of questions to help us remember our stories. Now whenever people come over and see our two StoryAlbums on our coffee table, they ask about them and it's fun to show off our family. I'm relieved knowing that our memories are preserved not only for us to look back on, but for our kids and grandkids to have even when we're gone."

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"I wasn't sure what to expect when we started the StoryAlbums process, but it exceeded my expectations. Not only was it fun to reflect on my family's past and make fun of our embarrassing stories and outfit choices, but it was fun to watch my parents think back about their lives. 

My dad is in his 90's and can't see very well, so my mom reads his StoryAlbum to him, and they both love it. Although family history is important to me, I don't always have the best memory, so it's great to have a summary of our lives in book-form. Brittney did a wonderful job writing my parents' StoryAlbums, and I'm so glad we decided to start this journey."


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