Maybe the StoryAlbum you'd like hasn't been listed yet? I'm always open to hearing creative ideas! 

  • Maybe you're getting married and you'd love to give each other the story of how you fell in love. Guests at your wedding could flip through the pages and get a glimpse of what lead up to your wedding day!  


  • Or, perhaps it's been 25, or even 60 years since your wedding day, and you want to commemorate your love story for your anniversary. Your marriage has been the foundation and source of strength for your family, so you want to record your love legacy.


  • What if your family's love language is food? You have recipes that have been passed down, or special family meals that are just too good to lose! Food, family and memories are the perfect trio, so you'd like to save as many as possible and maybe even include some stories along with the recipes.


  • Maybe you'd love to have some of your family's favourite stories written as a Bedtime StoryAlbum for your kids? You could either incorporate your family's photographs as they are, or, have those photographs turned into illustrations to add to the whimsical feel of a children's book.
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Bespoke StoryAlbum Info

The number and length of our interviews will depend on the length and format of your StoryAlbum. Would you like your StoryAlbum written in the Novella/Novelette Series style? Or would you prefer The Highlight Reel style? Refer to the packages for all of their information.



Investing in a StoryAlbum is a gift for the whole family, as all of your families’ special memories and photos are preserved in one place. You will even rediscover memories and stories you’d forgotten, and read about new ones you'd never heard of before. Since a StoryAlbum is a multi-generational gift, most clients prefer to invest in a book as a group, split up evenly between siblings, cousins or kids.

Each StoryAlbum's price is as unique as the memories that fill their pages. Your StoryAlbum is custom-written for you and your family, so the price will depend on the package you choose and the length of the StoryAlbum.


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