Turn Your Family Memories Into A Legacy Story


Rooted StoryAlbums transforms your memories into a novel-like story, creating beautiful heirloom books that feature your family as the main characters!


What if you never had to worry about losing your family's special memories again? 

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What if gathering all of your family's history didn't have to be stressful?

Which Memory-Saver Are You?

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Family History Keepsake Journal | Grandparent memory books | Family memory books | Personalized memory books | Rooted StoryAlbums
Grandparents Legacy book | Grandparent memory books | Family memory books | Personalized memory books | Rooted StoryAlbums
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Reminisce & Share Memories

Watch as your kids settle in with your home’s comfiest blanket and read all about their family's stories. Bits of history will come alive as they read about their grandparents' childhoods, becoming the main characters in their life stories. Listen to your kids laugh about your bellbottom-clad, big-haired teenage photos and realize with astonishment that you had lives before you became their parents. 

Reminiscing is easy and fun. Nostalgia is cozy and relaxing. However, gathering all of those memories, writing them down and turning them into a story for the whole family is difficult. It can make you want to give up before you start, but that’s where Rooted StoryAlbums comes in.


Popular Packages

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The Novella

This package is a full, comprehensive compilation of your family's stories from the births of the patriarchs/matriarchs to present-day memories with the grandkids (even great-grandkids). Your pictures are woven throughout the story.

Novelette Volumes

Instead of one large StoryAlbum, your stories are split up into three volumes. You can choose whether you'd like all three, or just one volume or two volumes focusing on a specific time in your family's history. 

The Highlight Reel

Designed to showcase the most important moments in your family's history, The Highlight Reel focuses on snapshots of your family's life combined with your photos. This StoryAlbum reads like a compilation of newspaper articles.

Don't wait for "later." Save your family's legacy now.



"Oh, I wish I'd known about you earlier. There's so much I didn't know about my father's life, but we lost him last year."

"I kept thinking I'd have more time to ask about my parents' childhoods. I wish I hadn't put it off."