"I'd love to be able to save my family's history and turn it into a memory book, but I'm not a writer. Where would I even start?" 

This package is for those who want to preserve all of their family’s stories and photos in one complete book. The Novella starts with the births of the patriarch/matriarchs of the family, continues as they marry and their family expands, and ends with present-day memories with the grandkids (even great grandkids).

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Gathering the Information

Your memories and stories will be gathered through a basic questionnaire and an interview process. (You have up to 10 hours of interviews, which can be broken up in whatever way is convenient.)

Before each interview, I will send over a questionnaire that will briefly outline the types of questions I will be asking in our interview. These questionnaires help to warm up people’s minds so memories can flow, which makes recalling stories from years before much easier. I will record our interviews on my phone or a video camera to help me remember your unique facial expressions, tone and body language so that I can make your story even more authentic.

Please note that the interview process is not an exact science; one aspect of your life could have many memories and take up a lot of time, while another could have less, and therefore, we will cover more ground more quickly.

Here is an approximate breakdown of the interviews:

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*If your photos are not in a digital format already, use a scanner to scan them into your computer. Or, position the physical photo on a flat surface with lots of natural light (make sure there is no shadow or glare) and take a photo of the photo with your phone! There are also many photo centres, like Costco or Walmart, that will digitize your photos for you. 

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Turning Your Memories into a Story & Designing Your StoryAlbum

After each interview, I will transcribe our session into notes and these will be the foundations of your story. I will formulate a creative retelling of your story based on your memories, complete with dialogue and descriptions of all the settings that are important to you. During this time, I will also collect the photos you have sent over to me (via Dropbox or a USB), and I will use them to help me picture all of the "characters" in your stories. Then, I will intersperse those pictures with their corresponding stories throughout the book.

Based on your colour/style preferences, I will design a custom StoryAlbum cover as well as the chapter title pages. I will also create a custom layout for your photos and text.

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Interviews: around 10, one hour interviews

Words: up to 30,000 words

(Client provided: up to 400 pictures)

Time period to create StoryAlbum: 3-4 months

Number of revisions: 3 (additional revisions cost $50 per hour)

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Investing in a StoryAlbum is a gift for the whole family, as all of your families’ special memories and photos are preserved in one place. You will even rediscover memories and stories you’d forgotten, and read about new ones you'd never heard of before. Since a StoryAlbum is a multi-generational gift, most clients prefer to invest in a book as a group, split up evenly between siblings, cousins or kids.

Each StoryAlbum's price is as unique as the memories that fill their pages. Your StoryAlbum is custom-written for you and your family, so the price will depend on the package you choose and the length of the StoryAlbum.


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